Tuesday, July 13, 2010

life happens when you are busy making plans

Does life happen when you are busy making plans?
Funny that.

I've been riding much of this summer, and slowly putting the KLR into a bike that will be able to take tortue.  It's odd that we do that; we invest so much time, money and thought into something that will support you through an unknown journey, to face most perils.  We ensure that you can, at the very least, be able to ride to the nearest shop and ultimately home.

We may forget a few things for the bike, but somehow, it's no big deal and make it out alive.
One thing we do forget before a trip like the one i'm taking, is that we don't prepare ourselves.

It may sound hokey, but it's true.  you can't just jump on a loaded bike and head out in random directions without preparations... that is unless you live the life of a gypsy.

A few days... ok.  two to three weeks...ok, but 6 weeks?   I thought about this a bit today and i'm not sure if it's anticipation or anxiety... but i feel nervous. 

It's not for the trip in itself. nor the destinations found within, but the journey itself.

Vacations don't change people.  You lie on a beach and tan... play in the water, and all the while you vegitate.  For my money, a case of beer and a few days on the couch watching cartoons has the same level of involvment.

I believe trips is where someone goes, learns about the local culture and has some fun. edutainment.  more like watching the discovery channel.

Journeys are the key.  To have a journey, one must immerse themselves into their surroundings.  This is more akin to leaving your home, your bubble, and joining friends for a pint; meeting new people.
These things change you, for better or worse.  New perspectives are wrought and old ideas are unformed.

This is noticible on a long journey.  Last year's trip (http://inuviktrip.blogspot.com) was not very long; but for me to be away from everything and everyone I knew for 37 days, over 21,000 kms, two countries spanning 4 time zones and meandering across without a plan did change me.  It truely was a journey.  stopping the journey and re-intergrating was a very difficult task; one which i will have to repeat this year for up to 43 days. 

I think i need more mental preparation for this journey.  I want to be able to accept and embrace this change i will undergo... it is after all, for better or for worse.

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