Saturday, August 7, 2010

Everything changes, even plans

While talking to a friend of mine, the topic of plans came up. While it in itself was a short discussion, it got me thinking about plans. Trip plans. Future plans. Life plans. Goals.

The more i think about it, the more it solidifies in my mind. it's pretty simple really.

life plans. i have very few, very private ones.

utlimate goals i'd like to achieve before i do, or die doing it:

Cirumnaviagate the globle, hitting all continents except Antartica.
Travel around the globle from home to home heading east.
to go to North Cape, Norway, to Cape Agulhas, Africa.
from home, visit ushuaia, argentina and come back.

But first is the Three Corners trip. I want this trip to be harsh. really harsh. I'm not masochistic but i find a certain pleasure in knowing i can deal with whatever is thrown at me. This may be why i haven't even planned anything yet. Part of me is freaking out that i haven't planned everything yet. I had planned a few things in my head, like a rough list of what to bring, departure date rough route to take across country...

But plans change. I had previously planned to leave on the 17th, but something more important came up so i'm sticking around town for a few days.

It gets you to think about how you plan for life and when things change you need to be able to adapt to that situation. i know most people who hate to plan because when life gives them a bitchslap, they go reeling. I used to think like that for the most part, not very much these days. Plans are great, but when there's too much invovlment in the small details, you lose the big picture.

Although both beautiful I'd rather see a beach for what it truly is than look at a grain of sand through a microscope.

As they say, a picture is a thousand words.

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