Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Bitch came back, In heat, a picture of a woody and I may have been scammed

I sit here and think back (while reading my logbook) on today's 'activities'.  It was a good day, but a long day.  I forgot jumped timezones, so my phone, my gps and my laptop all had different times. hah.  The phone was correct. Stupid out of date GPS.

Here's the bug that scared the crap out of me last night (the 28th)

big black cricket.
Hanndsome aren't I? ya, i look like i feel.  Like a big bag of turds that was lit on fire then stepped on.
the greybeard is coming along nicely.  I look like a hillbilly with the suspenders
I rode on west and stopped in at a Love's gas station for a coffee.  There was a couple from Virginia who were travelling on a loaded down bmw1200 adventure.  We talked bikes and the only reason he got the BMW was due to the motor.  the 1200 Boxer engine is pretty awesome.  He said the rest of the bike is crap (too many breakdowns, the cases fill with water, etc) and if only someone would put a boxer engine in the KLR, it would be the perfect bike.  that's the only thing the KLR is lacking, and that's top end power. oh well.  He liked the KLR.  gotta love that.

Oddly enough, the landscape was starting to change.  Getting near the mountains i guess.

Texas is different the way route 66 is now. The interstate is where the original used to be, so you only have to pop off at the ramps to get on the historic 66. Easy as pie. No hunting for it...

This is at the off ramp to Groom Texas.

the Leaning Water Tower in Groom, Texas
This is on the on Ramp to I-40 in Groom.
a Giant fucking cross.  seriously??

I am not kidding when I say this, I saw the cross (looked small then) about 10-12 MILES away.
That's a tall building, and you can see how high it is by the power lines and poles (about the height of the building).  A lot of god fearing folks in these parts.  Many with guns.  I shall watch my words carefully.

yay.  I just got more awesome because of this:

At another town there was a sign for historic 66, so i took it.  Looked like a ghost town.  I saw a sign for a Route 66 Gift shop, at the other end of town so i continued on to find it.  I saw the cafe and gift shop, so i thought i could kill two birds with one stone.  Eat and shop... only to discover this is one point i HAD to see.

neat little cafe... wait, what does the sign say?

The midpoint of Route 66 from Chicago to California!!!
it's official
Neat diner. Nothing matches. That's exactly how it should be!
The menu isn't huge, but the burger was, and it was good.  They had Vidalia onion and peach hotsauce.  I tried it.  was pretty awesome, but i forgot to buy a bottle.  dammit. the platters came with a bag of chips. no fires.  they don't ask what kind of chips either.
after eating that, I asked about this sign i saw outside:

They have about 12 different home made pies, hence the ugly crust.  She talked me into getting a slice (even though i was full) but no ice cream.

I walked outside for a smoke and more pictures
1139 miles to California end
1139 miles to Chicago end
old ford pickup that people have left their mark from all over the world. 

The sign has been there since day 1. many have backed into it. some have tried to remove it.  It will not move.  That's how you build things!
While i was out taking pictures and having a smoke, my server asked me if i was sure i didn't want ice cream on the pie.  Sure, why the hell not.  I went back in and had this staring at me.

great pie and great ice cream... absolutlely delicious
 Back in the route 66 days, Burma Shave had signs along the route for advertisements.  Since this is the oldest running cafe along the 66, it's appropriate it had it's own signs too.

I just kept riding as there wasn't much to see.  Route 66 in Amarillo looked like little mexico or something. All mexican food, most hand painted signs for the businesses and all faded paint.  It looked really unkempt.  I just rode through to the other side.

the landscape was really starting to change here.  The wind (the bitch i screamed at yesterday) was really picking up, but thankfully on my left side this time, and not my right.  the heat was starting to warm me up, but thankfully my suit turned my sweat into portable AC. heh.

Got to New Mexico and stopped in for some free maps and info.  On my way out, i noticed this little guy
ok, not so little.  freaking huge june bug
a long relaxing ride...

Now the scamming part.  I'll tell you the story, and you tell me what you think.

I was running low on fuel because the speed limit is 75mph in New Mexico.  So i went 85.
I turned into a gas station and struck up a converstion with another biker.  He had a harley and trailer.
We talked about bikes a lot, our different rides we took and gave me plenty of different routes i could take and interesting things i should see... biker to biker.

Wayne Colwell from Wyoming was coming back from a Marine  reunion out on the east coast.  He's 63, never been married and had just broken his finger earlier that day.  he seemed distraught.
Seems he left his wallet at the last gas station and he was putting a call to some people he knew.

I asked him how much fuel he'd need to get back home... and gave him $80 to get him there.
I gave him my info...

Why give him the money? because i know if i was in that situation, i'd be freaked out and if some random person can help me out i'd take the help.  Also, i empathized with him.  I see myself alone at 63, riding across the desert. sad.

I don't know if it was a scam. i don't think it was.
If it wasn't, i don't know i'll see that money again. Does it matter?

A little later, i was on the interstate getting off at Santa Rosa, and saw him ahead of me... going 75 (like he said he rode) and in the direction he said he was going.

I wish you well Wayne, unless you're a liar... then i hope you crash and kill yourself. lol

In Santa Rosa, there was supposed to be a nice car museum. meh. it had some nice cars, but it should have been done by donation i think. $5 cover wasn't really worth it for me.  it was more like walking around a car sales lot as most cars were for sale.
a few pics

made  me snicker

a bored out v8 gremlin. i'd love to have this car, but not worth the 14k price tag

$50k. really?

a woody!

i'd love to have this car. except painted matte black
It was so freaking hot now that i needed something to cool me off. A big drink, Wifi and the only spot of shade for 100 miles.
right there in front of the bike. that's it!
staight as an arrow, beauiful scenery. i had just passed a sign that said "danger zone, gusty area" so i put the camera away
New Mexico rest stop and picnic area.  I guess they have to make their own shade. neato.
getting close to the mountains... continental divide is coming up soon!
|I was hot, i was hungry, i was at a gas station.
the cheese sausage roll was how you would say, bland. soggy cheese hot dog really.  washed it down with an Icee.  damn thing has more air in it than anything.  it's a fluffy slushie.

I finally had a good coffee today, so the hard long ride was worth it.  Tried to call my dad to update him on the trip since he hasn't known where i am since i left... he's technologically challeneged.

see the mountains/hills in the background? they are the same ones in the previous picture.  It would have been a neat twisty run through the cut canyon had i not the sun directly in my eyes which i couldn't see anything (sheild was dirty too) and most drivers on cell phones. arg.

Tomorrow i get off the route 66 track and start making time.  much to see, much to do and i only have 31 days left.  you think it's a lot, but if i calculated correctly, it'll take me about 28 days to do what i want to do. 
so the plan is this for the next little bit.
North to Val Kilmer's ranch, then the four corners, the grand canyon, vegas and north to US50 in Nevada... we shall see...


  1. Keep on going dude. I look forward to every post.

  2. Astro, so far your roadtrip looks awesome! Have a great time and remember, rubber side down! ;)


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