Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sept 23rd- Playing with a dragon, getting bit by Bud, best pizza EVAR and feeling young again

I've been in a down mood for the last little while.  Maybe not being mentally prepared for the trip is a big factor, maybe the weather has worn me down... maybe it's the little problems with the bike.  Who knows.  The ups and downs are all part of the grand adventure.  Fucking hate the downs.  Normally, this is a non-issue but when you're 1500 miles away from home and 30+ days away and you are isolated from your support group of friends and loved ones... it has a cumulative effect.

I don't want to bring everyone else down, but for anyone that travels like this, you need to be aware of the tricks these trips can play with your head.  You doubt strangers... you doubt friends and family... you doubt yourself.

It's not concerning at the moment.  I just have to get my head into the game.  I am actually enjoying myself on the road. :)

I was up quite late on the 22nd...  I hit the sack at about 4am or so.  I tried in vain to get WiFi working properly at the hotel... sat by the pool and did a bit, but it was all for not.  After getting pretty messed up, I was quite hungry, so Mr. Vending machine was my only hope at 4ish in the morning.
outside of the Stadium View bar. i wonder why it's blurry
de-lish-us chips and BK cheese fries. also had some white no-name Twinkies thing
neat pool area, too bad white buckets were everywhere on the 2nd floor due to rain
there were at least 20 buckets strewn around. sounded like a waterfall in there

I woke up, EXACTLY like every other day.  I opened my eyes. haha.
Today was harsh. more fears today. I thought bad tires in rain would suck. I forgot that NEW tires in the rain is even worse.

rain rain rain, at least the gear on the bike stayed dry, except for the tent

so not impressed
left the hotel at around 10:45 this morning... no motivation after last night. hah. maybe i shouldn't go to bed at 4am.

Went to Lambeau and picked up some Packers souvenirs. Go Packers. I remember watching TV with my dad at a young age (5-6) and the packers were on, they were playing in the snow and they won. that would have been in 1977 or so. odd the things you remember as a kid. I have never been an NFL fan, or a sports fan in general for that matter. I only thought a few things back then. They are tough. i liked that and have favoured the Packers since then. Odd. Now i got some retro-reflective stickers to put on the bike. Gotta love that Golden 'G'.  I wanted a jersey really bad, but this trip was costing me enough as is and didn't feel like shelling out another $200 now, when i may need it to make my way home later, down the road.

sidenote: weather cleared up shortly after and was pretty good all day.  also helped i didn't ride after 4pm.

Todd had said i should check out his dad's store and then we could hang out later as it was his day off. I  made my way over and right next to it there was a Taco John's.  Never had it so i went in for a snack/lunch.

a hell of a lot better than |Taco Bell.  the chipotle salsa is great.
Went to the store to find that Todd was already in and left, and that they had to wake him up for work.  lazy ass. Looked around the store and found something i needed.  Voltage/continuity tester.  The horn not working has been bugging me since day 2 and it's one of those little things that is bringing me down.  I know, why the little things? who knows.

Went for coffee at starbucks (again) and Todd finally got back to me.  Seems he came back from work and fell asleep. lightweight. heh.

We hung out for a bit, and i played with his bearded dragon named Cheesehead. go Packers.
We went out and got some live crickets for Cheesehead and a pizza for us.  it is seriously the best pizza i've had in a long long time.  my favorite so far.

Cheesehead going for the strike
nom nom nom
best pizza evAr. srsly.
After eating we went to his buddy's place to hang out for a bit.  I played with the huge German Sheppard 'Bud'.  absolutely beautiful dog. only 15 months old, but the dog had a massive head.  huge dog.  I played rough so my forearm was most often found in his mouth. heh.  I miss playing with animals like that as i always had dogs and cats growing up.  I'm too lazy to take care of an animal i think.  maybe that's why i like cats. low maintenance.

After much hanging out and not being sober, i crashed at Todd's (thanks dude) which saved me some $$ and felt a hell of a lot more homely than a motel room. 

Tomorrow was an early day for the both of us; Him for work and me to head south in search of some kind of luggage as I'm out of room on the bike. note to self. stop bringing so much shit. He suggested i hit up Cabelas for that.  I'd never heard of it, but seems like it's a ginormous store/chain.

inebriated and exhausted, we crashed.


  1. your blog got me to watch "Motorcycle Diaries" last night....good story.....great bike.

    Keep on riding Al



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