Sunday, September 19, 2010

Awating the dawn of a new begriming

I sit here the eve of my departure and can't think up of a proper title for the last non-riding blog entry.
To be honest, I don't even feel like going now and I'm not sure why. Too daunting perhaps? too many people worried for my safety?

Looking back since before last year's trip, I've changed quite a bit. haven't changed enough also.

Coming back from my trip last year, I was mentally fatigued, physically battered and socially reclusive. I hid out in my man cave for a while... guess i went into some post-vacation depression. weird. Since then, I changed accountabilities at work, became a bit more socially outgoing, seeing old friends and meeting some great new ones. Getting closer to family and generally cleaning up my life... day by day.

It could go either one of two ways... be totally insane coming back or be more of a man that I already am. I'm hoping the latter. heh.

Things I didn't do before going on the trip:

Tires. 10,000KM (6000miles) and my original front is almost bald. Back tire is a piece of crap shinko and has 4000km ok it and starting to flatten out.

Oil. haven't changed the filter OR oil since the 1st oil change. It's black and it's filled up.

12V socket, auxiliary lighting, battery meter, cruise control, bark busters, auxiliary fuel cell, and a slew of little things... didn't get installed or done in any way. I don't even have spare bulbs.

I also procrastinated getting medical insurance, or a SPOT tracking device.

Basically, I haven't planned anything. Life may happen when you're busy making plans... but plans don't happen when you're living life. heh.

~stay tuned

Random picture i took today. need to break up the monologue a bit.

It was race day in Ottawa.  took me 20 minutes crossing this bridge. meh.
~back to original progamming.

maybe I should delay a day? Maybe I should delay a week? Maybe I shouldn't go! This is not a good thing for a procrastinator.

I don't know, I don't care, and it doesn't make any difference! ~ Albert Einstein
No wonder he could figure out theoretical physics.. he solves problems so simply.

The bike is mostly packed. Just need to update my laptop and songlist for the GPS. 
I leave in the morning.
Unplanned, unprepared and undecided I await the dawn of a new begriming.

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