Thursday, October 21, 2010

Oct 19th- interstates are an nessisary evil

I keep getting up too late, then not moving along as quick as i should these days.

maybe it's because i was up until 3am trying to get the blog going, and since the wifi sucked, i lost all the 'work' i did.  meh.  I shoulda used notepad like i normally do.... stupid autosave.
I got up at 8am... 5 hours sleep... and did nothing until 9.   guess i should have gone back to bed. meh.

Is it fatigue? exhaustion? Do i just not care any longer?

Don't get me wrong.  I can ride every single day of my life, rain or shine.  I love to explore roads, where they lead, who lives there, and what they eat.  That makes it interesting.
What makes it really dull, are interstates. I understand the need for them today, due to the large size of both the united states and canada... but at least make those roads a little interesting!

Put a giant Gator along I-75!  Put a colossal Crawdad on I-10 in Lousiana! cyclopean cactus in Arizona,  a rich Redneck in Texas!

Seriously.  Running along the trans-canada or the interstate system can drive you insane.
I was about to take some smaller roads, but because i was busy uploading the 18th's blog and having my morning coffee, i left Tallahassee really late.  I was to meat up with Tampa Tim today... And no, that's not a typo and you'll see why.

I was about to take some secondary highways... but they seemed about as boring as the interstate, and the speed limits were lower.  if i kept this pace up, i'd get to Tampa really late. well... later than i was already going to be.

this was a neat road... but, slow...
I wanted to wind up Beast....

I think the difference between last year's trip and this one are:
day light hours. i had more in june than in october.
i had mini vacations where i did nothing for days on end... my average speed was much higher... some of the route 66 roads, and california really slowed me down.
I was broken down for a week in fairbanks (more or less) and a week in vancouver.  then again, crossing canada was quick as there wasn't much to visit... just scenery, and i didn't have to fight traffic in many cities except for toronto and chicago... this trip, i fought it in many.  Chicago, St Louis, Oklahoma, Alberqueque, las vegas and pretty much the whole coast of california.  holy crap there's a lot of traffic there.

did i mention how awesome splitting lanes are?

Back on I-75, there's not much to take pictures of.... even at the rest stops.. .a wee bit boring.
I did find this at one of them though...

Isn't that romantic? ya, i'm a softy.

Beast had oil, and was running well, so i opened it up as much as i could.  I went so fast i found myself in some country that drives on the opposite side of the road.


ok, maybe it's being towed.  But as you can see, not much on I-75.  Thank god for XM radio.
wish i took all the stations tho... getting bored with what i have already.

riding fast on the KLR wears me out... as soon as i'm faster than 70... i get tired quick..  i tried to keep a pace of 78-85mph.

man this beard is itchy... it's fur now... very soft to the touch, but the full face makes it itchy as hell.

nothing else to take pictures of... so here's one of me again.

I did manage to get to Tampa without incident... except Florida drivers suck... Why must they all stay in the passing lane when people are passing them on the right? how retarded? do they not get the hint that they are blocking the passing lane?  morons.
Arizona drivers do that too.
fucking old people...
"i'm going to stay in this lane so that i don't have to move out of it until my exit! it's safer that way"?
really dumbass? traffic has a flow, and you're a rock in the stream. MOVE.

Tim came to pick me up and we rode back to his place.

The roads around Tampa are great? all the trees overhanging the roads... love it!

Tim and I got along great right from the start.  How can you not... he's an awesome guy.!
I met his wife Tracie as well.  Very welcoming people.  I was offered a shower and greedily took it.  Man it feels good to be clean after a ride... even though i had showered 6-7 hours before.  unreal.

I met their pets ... Roxy, Ruby and Kai.
Roxy is a 'mutt'... sweet dog though, albeit a bit neurotic.  She's soft as can be and always wants attention. Ruby can be a little bitch. Wiener dogs have such attitudes! hah.. she was a sweetie though.... just not trusting at first..  Their cat Kai, was cute.  I miss having a pet... but i don't miss having to take care of one.  I wouldn't want to not give a pet the attention they deserve.

Tim had some pulled pork and some smoked beans.  They call it barbecue, but like most of us, we think BBQ and we think BBQ sauce.  The pulled pork was 'au naturelle'. The baked beans, unlike anything i'd had before.  The Pork was juicy, and had pure pork flavors, with such subtle tastes... it was ...

Wow.  Seriously, wow.
I love food that is done right... i like it even better when it's a "one of"...  truly some special food there.

washed all the food down with some of Tim's home made brew... this is a micro brew, not the crap you boil from a can.  Very very nice beer.  I'm not big beer drinker, solely for the fact that many many many beers suck.  That beer was good...

The rest of the evening was very enjoyable and relaxing... i love to just shoot the shit, drink and smoke and just relax.  I learned a lot about the flora and fauna, the history of florida/tampa... it was great.

I will say, everytime an Acorn would fall from the tree and hit the roof, it freaked me out.
I knew there were some animals that can kill you in florida, but i didn't know about many things...

crocs, gators, snakes, spiders and bugs.
a lot of crap can kill you out there.  Is this why all the old people go there:? srsly?

What a different world completely to live in florida compared to home.  Yes, we have snow. they have hurricanes.
We have deer and moose and beavers.
They have shit that will eat you, sting you, bite you, poison you and pretty much scare the crap out of you.

no wonder we put up with snow.
After doing nothing all night we crashed... 3 am.  holy crap.

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