Friday, October 22, 2010

Oct 22nd- 32 days on the road...

Today was not a picture day.  Today was a day of going against my beliefs for convinience. Today was a thinking day.  Today just sucked.

I started out the day really late as i only got to sleep at around 5-5:30 am.
Got a quick breakfast...
was ok... but a) it was from a chain and b) i didn't want to eat.  Wasn't hungry.

I was tired.  I didn't want to ride today.  I didn't want to sleep either.  I guess i was just in my usual mood.
That got me thinking to being back home.  thinking thinking...

I know what to expect when i get back home, but it doesn't make it easier, knowing what i must deal with.

Tired and wanting to do nothing, i pulled over and looked for coffee.  none to be had anywhere.  So i got wifi instead
yay... chain #2 of the day. At least i won a free smoothie.

I stood outside with the laptop on the top case and updated yesterday's blog.  as you can probably tell from reading it, i didn't feel like writing it. meh.

Something i forgot to add a while ago.
Going south through Florida where i saw all the vendors and such (south of alligator alley) there was a guy n the side of the road, holding a chihuahua over his head in one hand, trying to make eye contact with everyone.  Odd.  Was he trying to sell it?
that's another thing... all the dogs down here are chihuahua's!  unreal.

Even all this thinking about things, all this anxiety, i was falling asleep at the wheel.  Not good when you have the worst drivers in the USA (floridians) and you're doing 85mph on a bike that suddenly likes to wobble for no reason. heh.

I needed to pull over soon.  It's slow going, when you have to pull over so often. Kinda like digging a trench with a spoon.  not fun, but it can be done.

I got some aids to keep me semi-conscious while i rode.

The more i rode, the more i thought... the more i thought, the more anxiety i got.  Thinking sucks.
I thought about situations i want to deal with at home. situations i have to deal with and some i want to deal with.
I was thinking of last year's trip and how i went totally loopy for months afterwards. It's odd that i spend over a month on the road, and when i get back, i'm worse off than before with axed and depression. bah.

People often ask me why i do these trips.  In actual fact,  i don't know.  I suspect i'm running away from life, putting a barrier between me and it, and living a fantasy for a while.  odd to think i've gone over 10,000 miles, and when i get back home, i'll circle the wagons and hid out in the man cave for a few months.
at least i've already got the beard.

the caffeine helped and i felt more normal.

wasn't in the picture taking mood, and needed to concentrate on riding.  The other reason there aren't many pictures is that there is nothing interesting on the interstates.  usually a stand of trees of both sides of you, and you can't see through them.

mostly of what you see on the interstate. oh what fun

this was a nice sunset in person... camera didn't pick up the colors or the moon properly.

i was riding in the cold and dark, and didn't have a problem with it but the temperature was dropping fast and felt hungry.  Only chains where i was, and decided on trying out Cracker Barrel.  I had never been before.

since i had never been, i took the sampler breakfast.
from left to right
grits.  they sucked
hash brown casserole.  they were ok
scrambled eggs, country ham, sausage patty and bacon.  all was 'ok'.  nothing special.\
Fried apples.  They were good.  then again, it tasted like apple pie filling.
biscuits and gravy.  I've tasted better.

the problem wth all this food is that it was mostly bland.  the actual food had no flavor in it.
meh.  at least my server was cool.

saw this on my way out.  made me laugh
really??   this bugs th hell of out me.
it says "i'm a ritard".

i rode for a little while longer and then i was really cold.  I took a room at a motel 6 and it was drirt cheap.  $36 is cheap.
And now that i just realized i'm right next to the rail lines.. i don't know if i'll get some good sleep tonight. bah.


  1. I can't make out what that last picture says... "Married" then a heart, then "There's Wi"... What's the rest?

  2. The dude with the Chihuahua was selling it. We have a huge Migrant Worker population, and that breed of dog is their mascot. Them and Guinea Pigs. Although, I rather suspect the guinea pig more often than not ends up on the dinner table (not kidding). But yes, they sell those little dogs everywhere.

    Being of the terrier family, I can only surmise that they are useful to hunt rats and other vermin around the homesteads.

  3. Above comment is from Tim.

  4. ah... the gineau pig is called Cuy Cuy i believe... spit roasted..
    I'd try it... looks nasty on the spit tho...


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