Friday, October 22, 2010

Oct 21- from key largo, to key west, to key largo, to fort pierce.

Stayed up late with the blog sitting in a Tiki hut mostly.  Was relaxing listening to the tree frog.

The Tiki Hut.
form the inside. It was late,  It was dark.

here's the accommodations for the night.
it was the cheapest they had, and it had AC and it was comfortable. i'm not complaining.
a little different than i'm used to though, that's for sure.

did my usual coffee thing in the morning.  I think i left it was around 11am.  getting later every day.  not good.
I need to get going earlier! not later...

anyhow... i won't say much today as i don't have the time really.  i'm essentially standing in the parking lot at a McDicks updating the blog.  meh.  at least i won a free smoothie.

The Gulf!

some kind of sea mammal thing.  dunno, rode right by it quickly

see the road? two lanes, max speed is 55 in some places, mostly 45 and 35 though for much of it and the cops watch like hawks.  People drive slower than the speed limit all the time and it rives me insane.
no clue what that bridge on the right is all about... the old one maybe?  there were gaps in the bridge though.  odd.

i found a nice little beach with very few people on it.

and maybe this is why.

the old man was sorting out a fishing net.  it looked like he was doing a strange fishing dance.
odd. be thankful the shutter didn't go off when he was bending over.  jesus.
dead sexy.  i couldn't stop looking.  just like a car accident.

I finally made it to Key west... it takes about 2.5-3 hours if you go fast.  meh.  it's a long ride, but the ride itself is worth it.  It's nice to not be passed all the time and just look at scenery.  relaxing even.
probably why i wasn't tired later that night.

Went down to the Blond Giraffe where they have the best key lime pie in the world.  Well, they were closed until Nov 15 as they were on vacation.  damn you.  guess i'll have to find better pie.

Duval street was neat.  lots to look at, a lot of shopping... etc. Key west has so many scooters (and not many people know how to ride)

For your viewing and listening pleasure...

Spider-man playing the sitar!
quite the odd site.  I wanted to get wifi and a coffee.  Go the coffee, but starbucks didn't have Wifi. WTF.
took a break anyhow.
Moto parking only.  sweet.  so many scooters.
On this one way, 3 scooters and 1 car turned into it the wrong way.  1 near collision.  idiots.  this was in the span of 10 minutes.  The dude in the background selling shells, just kept shaking his head... seems this is very common here.  wow.

finally hit my waypoint.
cuba is that way... 90 miles...
saw it ... took a picture... left... so many tourists. (and nowhere to park)

at a light... the camera doesn't pick up the awesome color of it.

I went back to that little beach and creepy fisherman was gone.  I went into the water.

yes, in my full suit. No, i didn't get wet. lol.  These boots are awesome... i felt water seep in, but the way the boots are designed, my feet stayed dry.  love the alpinestars.

I went back to Key Largo... as you can see, i haven't eaten all day and i was starving.  I went to the place the resort said was good.  I had a free key lime freeze voucher for it from the resort.  I tried it... why not.

world's famous key lime pie eh?

Here's the key lime freeze.
a no frills kinda joint..  The freeze? AMAZING.  never it's like a key lime float... they have it trademarked and for good reason.  it's truly one of the best things on this trip.
see that? a true sign of a good eatery.  it may look a little junkie to you, but to me it looks like good food. hah.

I think i ordered something i would never had eaten in a million years.
Bull Fish.  I don't eat fish.... not really.  I've never liked it.

well, i cleaned the plate... it was so well cooked  and the fish didn't taste like fish... a little sweet to the taste (because of the lobster it eats)

I ordered it because i asked what the house specialty was... so i ordered it.  you can't go wrong when you do that.  The beans were a little spicy but worked well with the fish.  it was truly very good.  best fish i've ever had.

I read in their menu that Cosmo put in the magazine that this was the best key lime that they've had (2004)

So i took a piece.

phenomenal.  It chilled to almost be frozen.  it was wonderful... i almost cried.

it''s a small joint, but by no means was it dead.  Cars kept pulling up and getting take out and leaving.  Always a constant flow.  inside, a bar with stools to eat at (good sign) old booths and tables... about 7 in total and some patio furniture outside.

if you see places like this, stop in.
doesn't hurt they had cute staff. :)
ghostrider pic of the day
since i got up late, i made a decision to stay up late and ride in the night.

and here's some night riding.  this is the good part on I-95  I took the toll way (turnpike) for a while but people in florida really cannot drive.  It's scary how bad they are. the worst i have encountered in all of the USA so far.
i'm being serious too.

see? doesn't it look like the video game Night driver? remember, my visor is tinted so everything is darker. lol

I took a room in fort pierce.
it was cheap, clean and of course the wifi sucked.  Thankfully no holes in the bathroom wall. heh.


  1. OK, a couple of things :-) So I'm assuming that the best meal you could have was that chicken from a few days ago, with Tim's pulled pork, with a chunk of that key lime pie and the key lime freeze to wash it all down hehehehehe

    When I saw the picture of you standing in the water, I couldn't help but think that was the before pic and the after shot was you in the water dressed similarly to that fisherman hehehehehe

  2. The bad drivers in Florida aren't Floridians, but transplanted Quebecers :P

    And that bridge with the missing parts? That's where they filmed True Lies. :)


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