Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oct 14th -- Stuck in Granbury Texas.

The 14th... already?  I've been on the road now for 25 days, and I've totally lost track of time.  Travelling, the way I do, really does mess with you in certain respects.

For one,  no normalcy.  You wake up in a strange bed one morning, and fall asleep in another that night.  To some of you, this may be normal. If you did that, you'd be a whore. hah.

I've been begining to wonder why I do this, why I subject myself to this.  The answer still isn't clear what drives me to this borderline insanity. Fear of normalcy? Am I running away from things?  Is this just easier than a normal life?

People have told me, "you're living a dream" ... not just one or two, but many, so many.
The funny thing is, this is the easiest thing in the world to do for me. Pack light, spend money like you have it, and just live a fantasy life for a while.
I've been wondering if this fantasy life is truly living a dream.  I think it isn't.  It's easy for me in one sense, but so very hard in another.  In reality, it isn't a dream, but an experience. A most wonderful, harsh, grim, exciting experience.

before i forget... Morely, Texas sucks.. .you want to go to New Mexico.. that's where it's pretty awesome..
so far, New Mexico, California and Nevada are my favourites... for the scenery alone... the people are nice everywhere... awesome driving in LA (fast paced, but you get used to it) and horrible drivers in Arizona.  F'ing old people.  Texas drivers are 50-50... most will go on the shoulder to let you pass... they are that nice.

I've been honked at ONCE during my entire trip, and that was in LA... from some out of state moron. heh.

Enough with that...
I know I look like hell, but I feel like hell.  Besides all the aches and pains from riding, numb/sore hands, numerous cuts all over, and a big bump on the top of my head where my bike fell on me, I have viral bronchitis. yay.
The good news is, the pedo-beard is coming along nicely for Halloween. All I'm missing is the pedo-glasses and a pervert-coat and i'm all set.  Anyone have a white van I could borrow?

I headed southeast and found the bike didn't wobble as much, but still did a bit.  I decided to go to the next town over called Hamilton for breakfast, surely they'd have a ma & pa diner around.  If there was, I couldn't find it.  I settled for Donut shop.  Seemed like the only thing around to get food.
I asked what their specialty was and was told two choices.  Here they are.
A giant cinnamon bun and a pig in a blanket.  don't let the photo fool you, that cinnamon bun was easily 8 inches across and 3 inches thick.  I got a large coffee as well. I ate the pig in a blanket first.  It was ok.  What do you expect from a hot dog in a pastry?  I will say the pastry was very good.
The cinnamon bun on the other hand was something else. Glazed, not frosted ( i like frosted better) but it was awesome.  Sweet, but not overly so, and so fresh... The pastry was quite soft and spongy.  Probably the best cinnamon bun I've ever had. The coffee?  it was a complete disgrace.  disgusting.  It so weak you could see into the coffee a few inches, and of course, no cream... Damn "non-dairy creamer" is disgusting.

While i was eating, i kept looking at the map, and that if i should keep following my current trajectory to hit Beaumont, TX, i would be going through a lot of back country roads...  I may not hear banjos on those roads, but roads i wouldn't want to get stuck at any rate.  That, plus the lure of starbucks north of me, prompted me to go into that direction, towards Fort Worth.  The GPS came through for once and found a Kawasaki Shop in Granbury, TX.
While riding to Granbury, my Speedo quit.  CRAP.  now i don't know how far i've gone, or have use of my Odometer for use as a fuel gauge.  I got to the shop and they will see what they can do.  They've ordered some parts and hopefully they will come in on time.  there's a rash of things to be done on it, and i hope they will get it all done in time and done properly.  I know this is going to set me back quite a bit financially.  remember friends, an ounce of prevention is more than a pound of cure.

Luckily for me, there were two hotels right beside the shop.  I got a room at the first one as it had everything I needed.  Wifi, smoking room.  It helps that there is breakfast in the morning, laundry machines right near my room, a pool and a hot tub.  I think Mr. Mastercard is liking me already.  I'm not sure myself as i haven't checked my bill, due to fear of having a heart attack.

They will start working on it tomorrow.  Until then, not much to do but hurry up and wait.  I went to the home depot, and picked up a few items to see if i could fix my GPS cradle.  Small screwdriver set, a torch, you know... useful stuff.

By this time i was getting quite hungry and looked for a local looking place.  It's hard to find one with all the Jack in the boxes and the likes.

I found one place called The Big Cup Eatery. It was dead in there, but then again it was only 2:30pm. I decided on getting a good breakfast.

2 eggs, Chicken fried steak and hash browns.  It was really good, and the chicken fried steak was probably some of the best I've ever had... Definately the best i've had on this trip.

The server asked if I wanted pie for desert... I declined as I was too full. Turns out I got PI somehow.

get it? yes, lame humour.

Back at the hotel, i decided to play operation with my GPS.  No music and sound on the GPS make it for a dull ride indeed.  I need the distraction, and need it to concentrate. go figure.

I took it apart easily enough, but the sound portion is under a glob of silicone.  I tried to get at it, but no go as I was breaking it more by digging in there.  once I get back home, I'll rip that portion out and get a cheap replacement part from radio shack/circuit city.

It's in there and won't budge.  As I still need the GPS to be able to charge in the cradle, i put it back together.  It still charges, so that's good.  I was really annoyed at not having sounds and looked stuff up on the internet.  GPS City says that they can ship one next day. O RLY?
I called them and bought one.  I also got myself a gift, which I hope I'll enjoy.  No, it's not a mail order bride.

Tomorrow will be a sit in the hotel room all day kind of event.  It should be here by 3pm they say.  I hope to god it is because i'll have to leave without it (and my gift to myself).

Not many pictures today because i think i travelled a whole... 93 miles? yippie :-/
I didn't plan my trip up to this point to give me flexibility in where i wanted to go.  I am really far behind and wanted to be halfway up the east coast by now.
Tonight and tomorrow, not much blogging/pictures to be done.  I'll be planning and plotting a course.  There are a few stops I absolutely must do, and some that aren't crucial.

Must do stops:
Best fried chicken at "The Old Country Store" near Natchez.
Ride through New Orleans.
Hit up Tim in Florida
Hit the keys in Florida / swim in the ocean somewhere in florida (my southeast corner)
Hit up Dan in Louisiana (probably my first stop)

That's really all i have on my ToDo right now...  everything else is not on the agenda yet.

I would like to:
Ride the Natchez-Trace Parkway
Ride the tail of the dragon
Ride the Cherohala Skyway
Ride the Blue Ridge Parkway
hit up some friends in Georgia/carolinas
hit boston (my north east corner) and see a friend there
see Donna in Toronto (unless I'm late and she's back home)

That's about it for tonight.  I cleaned out my pockets. You might think i have too much stuff on me, but seriously everything is essential.


  1. You don't know me Al but I have been anxiously following along every day, hanging on to every word!! I hope the bike get's fixed but that you are there long enough to receive your gift!

    Looking forward to virtually joining you on the ride home!!!

    Just wanted you to know that there are ppl out here who are with you all the way!!

    Take care!

  2. Hey Al....Love thhe white van comment....too funny!!!

    I`m glad things are looking up. Wish you a safe but interesting second half of the trip.
    Take care buddy.
    Luc R.


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