Sunday, October 10, 2010

oct 9th- splitting lanes but not hairs, From Monterey to Pomona. oh ya, LA sucks.

I didn't get much writing today nor did i take many pictures.  I really wanted to get past Los Angeles and not get stuck in traffic.

I started packing up the bike and found some friends waiting for me outside.

This guy was not scared of me at all.  Hate racoons that aren't scared.
There were about 5 more out of frame that were fighting over scraps.

Also this little guy wanted attention from me. Why do animals like me? hah.
The place is called Butterfly Grove for a Reason.  Here's why:

it's odd that i've been following them the whole time.

Down the US-1 again. Great road.  great to watch the sunrise on the coast.
this is what awesome looks like

I stopped for a coffee along around Big Sur... Lucia i think? not sure.
I got a coffee and a cookie for breakfast.  A rootbeer float cookie.  Homemade obviously, and never heard of it, so i tried one.

WOW.  Amazing cookie!

The bird was not impressed that i didn't give it crumbs.
no clue what bird tis was, but it looked like a giant hummingbird.  tiny freaking wings.

These signs make me so happy i bought a KLR 650.  this is what it was designed for.

what an awesome road.

I kept going and spotted these guys.
looks tasty

This guy kept barking.

There was a beach out of frame to the left that had a TON of them, but the tourists made me shy away.  Freaking pushy tourists... a ton of asians with big cameras.  Not being racist, just telling the facts.  This is near San Simeon, California... Simeon (my mascot) is named after San Simeon. Heh.  Also a song from Goldfinger which i originally heard of it.  His full name is not San Simeon B. Mungay.
don't judge.

I got to San Luis Obispo and where i pulled over there was a choice of a breakfast/lunch restaurant, or some taco joint called Taco Roco.
Taco Roco i went.

I took a breakfast burrito called the San Luis Burrito. Avocado, Sour cream, Cheese, Eggs and a choice of meat; Bacon, machaca, chonzo or ham.
I took Machaca before even knowing what it was, just to be different.  It's beef and onions.

I drank a Pibbs xtra because i'd never heard of it.  Tasted like dr. Pepper, which is good.
She gave me chips.  I didn't know i got them. sweet.  There were some salsas to choose from.  I took a medium green one, and a super hot red one.

The medium one is HOT... the hot one was pure suicide.  both tasted really good.  Not just a burn, but true flavors.
The massive San luis breakfast burrito
the burrito?
1) huge
2) amazing
tasty delicious filling

When in doubt, always try something new.
about half left

The driving here is quite crazy, but i'm used to crazy so i fit in.
Not once did someone honk at me, and every time i split lanes, they parted like the red sea.  I'm better than moses.  I have a motorcycle. It's name is Beast.  Hear it roar.

I got to LA and wanted to see the pier where route 66 ends.  Didn't get there... got really close but couldn't find parking, was a complete nightmare with all the tourists, so i left.  It was starting to get late and i had two other stops to make in LA. La brea tar pits and LA Ink.  I know, retarded stops, but my stops to make.

on that subject, everyone seems to think i have all the time in the world and tell me what i should see (not you folks, people on the road)  people don't get it.  I'm a traveller.  I'm not a tourist.  I like to see things along the road, but won't go too far off my track to see things.  I refuse to go do things.  That's not what this is about.  I'm travelling, see, not touring.

I went to La Brea and couldn't find any parking.  ARGH!!  i could have paid $7 for just a few minutes... not my idea of good money spent.  I  peered through the fence and saw it anyhow.  meh.  it's a bit pit full of tar.  haha.

Off to the next stop.  LA Ink.  I had business there to attend to.  No, i didn't get inked, i just wanted to pick up a souvenir.
you don't see it in these shots, but the place was absolutely packed.

I wanted to camp out more figuring it was cheaper.  I called a KOA in Ponoma and said they had a spot but to be there before 7pm. Traffic was insane and everytime it would come to a stop, i would just split lanes until it got moving.  Know what stopped the traffic? NOTHING.  people jam on brakes for no reason.

all i can say is splitting lanes while going 82mph is more fun than a barrel of monkeys!
Even with the huge sidecases, i felt like a slippery eel compared to all the cars on the road.  Fun as shit.

I got my spot at the KOA.  $31 is pretty steep for a 20x20 square for the night, but it beats $100 at a motel that doesn't have wifi. There is wifi here, but it sucks.

beans and weenies.
alone, the beans and weenies were terrible, but edible. Thank the gods for condiments. a little salt and pepper and this:
Why you, why now? because the beans and weenies are terrible without you.  with you, much better...

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